The visit of minister Eric Dupond-Moretti to Suriname

At the invitation of his counterpart, Minister of Justice and Police, Kenneth Amoksi, the French Minister of Justice, Keeper of the Seals, Eric Dupond-Moretti, paid an official visit to Suriname on 30 September 2022.

The French delegation was received by President Santokhi, in the presence of Foreign Affairs Minister Albert Ramdin and Minister of Justice and Police Kenneth Amoksi.

A bilateral meeting held at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, allowed parties to once again highlight the common threats, but also the common strengths, as well as an outline for the way forward.

Both parties welcomed the conclusion of the negotiations on the addendum to the judicial cooperation agreement signed in 2021 and agreed to swiftly finalize the entry into force of the agreement which should be quickly ratified in the two countries. They welcomed the entry into force on October 1st,2022 of the police cooperation agreement signed in 2006.

They also emphasized the need for a cooperation in the fight against drug trafficking and illegal gold mining in particular by reinforcing closer cooperation between security forces. They agreed to the creation of a working group to exchange information and implement smooth and efficient judicial cooperation methods in criminal matters. They also advise development exchanges on the implementation of the Minamata convention on Mercury.

The two ministers recalled the importance of fight against corruption in order to support the rule of law and to strengthen confidence in public administration. They agreed to further develop exchanges of experience and training in this matter. They also agreed to increase cooperation in the area of prison administration, in particular by working together on reintegration of offenders in order to fight against recidivism.

Both Ministers reaffirmed their willingness to promote a constant and high-level dialogue between the two States.
Minister Dupond-Moretti was pleased to meet again his Surinamese counterpart and looks forward to the relationship being intensified.

Dernière modification : 06/10/2022

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