Visite to Suriname of the Maison Familiale Rurale from Apatou

The Ambassador hosted on February 24th, 2016 at the residence of France a delegation from the Maison Familiale Rurale (MFR, Rural Family House) of Apatou in French Guyana composed of the director, three coaches and twenty students. The meeting attended by representatives of the Department of Agriculture of the Anton de Kom University of Suriname, led to a presentation of the MFR which provides alternate training facility and which belongs to the movement of Rural Family Houses gathering nearly 500 establishments in France and as many in rest of the world.

The MFR of Apatou hosts one hundred students. This visit to Suriname is part of the curriculum. It was responding to a visit to French Guyana by a group of agriculture students of the Anton de Kom University last November. These exchanges which take other forms allow a better understanding of agricultural practices and complement each other’s experiences in different countries. They are part of the regional integration process in the Guyana Shield.

Dernière modification : 04/03/2016

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