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The Paris Region Tourist Board (Regional Tourism Committee, abbreviated to CRT) – by agreement with the Ile-de-France Conseil régional (regional council), of which it is a public organization partner – promotes the region to tourists as a tourism destination.

For several years the destination "Paris Region" has been the most visited tourist region in the world.

Widely popular for the diversity of its natural, heritage and cultural wealth, our destination offers visitors of all ages, from near and far, a wide choice of holidays – particularly short city breaks – and activities of all types, all year round.

The principal region for French art of living, it promotes the influence of the cultural values for which our country is internationally famous.

"Paris Region" is also one of the youngest and multicultural regions in Europe and its creative energy in many fields ‒ design, fashion, music, etc – is constantly reinvigorated.

The Paris Region Tourist Board has developed assessment and observation tools designed to better understand the various demands and expectations of its many visitors to the Paris Region… so as to better satisfy them!

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