Suriname and AFD sign MoU on Sovereign Financing

Director of the Latin America and Caribbean Department of the French Development Agency (AFD) Régis Marodon visited Suriname from November 25th to 27th, 2015. On that occasion, AFD’s intervention in the field of health was highlighted with an on- site visit to the Albina Hospital at the border with French Guiana. The visit was concluded with the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the Government of Suriname which concerns a joint program of activities over the next four years, concerning 5 projects for a total amount of 90 M€.


Cooperation with French Guiana

A 15 M€ project financed by AFD, started in 2009 aiming to improve the health infrastructures in the country. The construction of the Albina Hospital is the last component of this extensive investment program which also consists of a 1.1 M€ grant dedicated to bilateral cooperation with French Guiana.

In the Surinamese border town Albina a meeting was held regarding the addition of this town to the brainstorming process conducted by the City of Saint-Laurent du Maroni, which is focusing on the development perspectives of this French locality for the coming 60 years. The meeting was attended by the Mayor of Saint-Laurent du Maroni, the General Director of the Public Institution in charge of physical planning in French Guiana (EPAG) and the Head of Urban Planning of Suriname. The two banks of the Marowijne River will also be taken into account in this strategic reflection in order to address the trans-border challenges the two neighboring cities are experiencing.


Signing of a MoU for 2016-2019

On November 27th, Mr. Marodon and Minister of Finance Gillmore Hoefdraad signed a MoU setting out a 90 M€ work program for AFD in two strategic areas: i) Support Suriname towards a more sustainable and resilient growth pattern and ii) Focus on Eastern Suriname.

These sovereign loans will finance investments compliant with the priorities of the Surinamese Government in areas of vital interest to the general development of the country. AFD’s activities will concentrate on four objectives:
-  Optimize energy production and distribution
-  Promote sustainable access to drinking water and drainage
-  Support an integrated regional development in Eastern Suriname
-  Reduction of social inequalities through healthcare accessibility improvement for women

Central operator of the development assistance of the Government of France, AFD has opened its first office in Suriname in 2009. AFD has financed four projects totaling 55 M€ so far. As of January 1st 2016, the Paramaribo Office is operating under the supervision of the AFD resident mission in the Dominican Republic.

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