Photo competition

On November 5th 2018, the Ambassador of France in Suriname and in Guyana together with the board of the Suriname Hospitality and Tourism Association (SHATA) launched the “Photo competition French embassy in cooperation with SHATA”.

Why this competition?
The SHATA and the French embassy are both engaged in the promotion of the three Guiana’s and what better way than to join forces regarding a subject so current.

Pictures often speak more than words and it is through pictures that these 3 Guiana’s must further be exposed. The start has been made in Suriname and during the next 2 months there will probably be many occasions to make and submit various pictures in the 3 categories chosen:
• Nature
• Built heritage
• Culture

The competition is open to persons residing in Suriname and French Guiana and all pictures of Suriname, which showcase the very best of nature, built heritage and culture are welcomed.

Every category will yield 2 winners and a Facebook-favorite will also be chosen.
For more information, please see the Terms and conditions published on the Facebook page of the French embassy and SHATA.

For more info, go to the Facebook pages of the French embassy and the SHATA:
France in Suriname and Guyana
Shata Suriname


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