PRESS RELEASE Donation of oxygen to Suriname


The Embassy of France in Suriname is delighted to announce that the company Air Liquide has honored its request to donate oxygen for medical use to Suriname, free of any costs. The oxygen was transported by road and ferry from French Guiana to Suriname on Monday June 14th, 2021.

Because of the valued relationship between the two nations and in honor of fraternity and friendship between France and its Surinamese neighbors, the Embassy has made great efforts to make this gesture towards Suriname possible.
We remain confronted by the situation that during these difficult times of a global pandemic solidarity and mutual aid are needed. The French Embassy is honored to be able to contribute and would like to thank all the partners involved in the transport, logistics and administrative procedures, who made the project possible. No costs were billed towards Suriname for this project from Air Liquide and the Ferry management services.

The French Embassy would also like to give an extra appreciation to the team of Air Liquide: Mr. Patrick Leduc - the director, Mr. Julien Cargnelli - Productions Manager and Mr. Gustave Noel - Productions Operator.
The French embassy continues to work on the border cooperation to improve the response from France to help Suriname in terms of materials and vaccination. /


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Dernière modification : 22/06/2021

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