PRESS RELEASE: Chevalier de l’ordre national de la Légion d’Honneur

Medal of Honor in France:
Chevalier in the national order of the Legion of Honor
awarded to Mrs. Monique S. Pool

“It is customary in this type of ceremony that the person receiving the decoration is introduced. But in Suriname who doesn’t know you, Mrs. Pool. You are a very popular personality and rightly so.”

During a small ceremony held on Friday July 8th, 2022 at the French residence, Mrs. Monique S. Pool was presented with the medal Chevalier in the national order of the Legion of Honor.

This high and prestigious recognition was awarded by the French Government to Mrs. Pool based on her almost 35 year long track record of deep immersion into the ongoing process of bringing conservation, education, advocacy and public awareness to the Surinamese society.

Her efforts have also been noticed by the international world and indeed, her track record and CV speak for themselves. What speaks louder are her unwavering devotion and determination, her willingness and insights in the need for national and international cooperation and transferring the deep passion she has to everyone around her.

This is truly what makes Mrs. Monique S. Pool deserving of this honorable decoration.

“By decorating you today, France wants to pay tribute to your actions for the protection of Nature. The preservation of bio-diversity and the fight against climate change are priorities that are essential throughout the world; floods, droughts, rising temperatures, destructive tornadoes are making more and more headlines. Fires ravage entire regions, glaciers and sea ice are melting, the desert is progressing. Thus the lives of millions of people are affected; the Surinamese know it better than anyone with the floods that affect vast portions of their territory.”

“The fight to preserve the planet cannot be fought by any country alone; the international community must react as a whole to protect the planet we share. But the states are not the only stakeholders, private companies, cities, local governments, NGO’S and the general public have a very important role to play. It is necessary to promote a general awareness among people, everywhere throughout the world, to make them aware of the importance of the issues and the urgency of providing concrete responses.

In this sense, Ms. Pool, you have done exemplary work in Suriname in terms of education, information and public awareness. This is why the French government has decided to award you the insignia of the national order of the Legion of Honor.” – José Gomez, Chargé d’Affaires

Dernière modification : 12/07/2022

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