French participation in the celebrations of the Independence of Suriname

On November 25, 2016, Suriname celebrated the 41st anniversary of its independence. A large French military delegation took part in the parade in the district of Commewijne in Tamanredjo, approximately 40 kilometers from the capital Paramaribo.

Former colony of the Netherlands with which France shares more than 500 kilometers of border area along the Maroni / Marowijne river, Suriname obtained its independence in 1975. The respective armies have maintained regular ties in recent years, particularly in the fight against Illegal gold-digging, so it is quite natural that the Armed Forces in Guyane (FAG) were invited to join the event.


In the presence of the French ambassador and an official delegation led by the joint deputy commander of the armed forces in French Guiana, a French military unit was also present when the President of the Republic of Suriname conducted a troop inspection. The parade was attended by a very big audience.


Dernière modification : 05/12/2016

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