France supports water projects with 12.5 million euros

The French Development Agency, A.F.D, has approved a 12.5 million euros loan to Suriname in favor of the water sector. This loan will be repaid over 20 years and benefit with concessional interest rate.

It will allow SWM to double the capacity of the Van Hattenweg groundwater treatment plant and pumping station; situated in the district Wanica. This station is the largest water production site in the region and relies on a rechargeable aquifer. Adding 1000m3 per hour will give more security to the water supply of Greater Paramaribo and improve the quality of service by increasing the pressure to the connection points.

Secondly, with this financing the SWM will also install an automated centralized control system in Greater Paramaribo, hence optimizing the production and energy consumption of pumps.

Thirdly, the financing will allow SWM to install a new water treatment plant in Moengoe , to replace the existing one, which was installed in the 1950’s . Extension of the distribution network to supply surrounding villages will also be financed with the AFD loan.

Finally AFD will finance the update of the Drainage Master Plan for Paramaribo aiming at assessing the impact of wastewater on health, environment and quality of surface water.

The A.F.D, stands for “Agence Française de Développement” or French Development Agency, is a public finance institution, whose mandate is to alleviate poverty and support sustainable growth in both developing and emerging countries and in France overseas departments.

After the Meerzorg- Albina road and investments in the health sector, this water project is the first approved by AFD for Suriname since 2008.

Dernière modification : 23/12/2014

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