COP21 / Paris 2015

  • Informal ministerial meeting to prepare for COP21 (Paris, November 8 to 10, 2015)

    Laurent Fabius, COP21 President, this morning presented to the press the main goals of the informal ministerial meeting - the “pre-COP” - which he will chair together with Manuel Pulgar Vidal, Peruvian Minister of (...)

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  • Launch of the COP 21 campaign

    Lecture COP 21: Lancement de la campagne de communication by Ministère de l’Europe et des Affaires étrangères

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  • Jean Ballandras, Renewable Energy Unifier

    In December 2012, the French Government introduced a sector-based export strategy. Six families were created: sustainable cities, health, agrifood, communication, cultural and creative industries and tourism. They unify SMEs from each sector to create a comprehensive range of French exports and an export brand. Renewable energy is the seventh family; Jean Ballandras was appointed as the unifier on 21 May 2015, by Laurent Fabius, French Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Development and President of COP21, and Matthias Fekl, French Minister of State for Foreign Trade, the Promotion of Tourism and French Nationals Abroad.

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  • ART COP 21

    ArtCOP21 brings together all cultural and artistic initiatives taking place around (and in the lead up to) COP21 – comprehensively mapping all climate-related events happening across Paris and worldwide. It is a platform for change, and a huge global movement.

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  • Business commitments to COP21

    Paris Climate 2015: Businesses must act to combat climate change

    Although it is States which are at the forefront of global climate negotiations, the issue affects all public and private stakeholders. "The time for climate action has come, and businesses need to play their full part." Whether directly or indirectly, businesses are contributing to climate change; it is therefore essential that they help come up with effective solutions. COP21 is a unique opportunity to promote business initiatives in the area of energy and ecological transition.

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  • A new tool for climate negotiations: national contributions to the fight against climate change

    COP 21 will take place in Paris in late 2015. The aim of this next session of the United Nations Conference on Climate Change is to produce a new international climate agreement to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and adapt to climate change. But this year, methods are changing, with a new instrument to facilitate negotiations: national contributions.

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  • Agenda of Solutions: mobilizing non-State actors to combat climate change

    In December 2015, the Paris Climate Conference (COP 21) must produce an agreement to accelerate the ecological transition and keep the average global temperature increase below 2°C. In order to obtain better results than at previous conferences, unprecedented attention will be given to businesses, local governments and NGOs through the “Agenda of Solutions”. The aim is to include non-State actors in the structuring of a movement and of global solutions for a low carbon economy.

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  • COP 21, what’s that?

    The next United Nations climate conference, COP21, will be one of the biggest international summits.
    The stakes are high: managing the climatic disruption that threatens our societies and our economies. The (...)

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    We, the Heads of State of the Republic of the Philippines and of the Republic of France, along with leading individuals from different countries committed to climate action gathered in Manila today, wish to engage the international community, all stakeholders and world opinion, on the urgency of addressing climate change seriously, efficiently, and equitably.

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